[Asterisk-Users] CVS Closed?

Adams, Gavin gadams at promisant.com
Tue Dec 30 10:42:20 MST 2003

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> On Tuesday 30 December 2003 06:16 am, Adams, Gavin wrote:
> > Stupid as in development stopped, agreed.
> Be advised, that the newest tarball is 4 months old.  Can you explain
> me what a normal visitor to the website is supposed to think, when CVS
> does not resolve and old tarballs?

Well, since you subscribed to the list, I would think that the daily
volume of messages would indicate the status of *. Carl, you'll be
surprised at some of the messages that come through here. :)

However, you are preaching to the choir in regards to the tarballs and
release schedules for OSS projects.

The good news is that a few users have spent a goodly amount of time
prepping CVS to support tags, releases and other.... goodness. This
should make it easier to support easier things such as daily tarballs.
Jesse over at RT (http://www.rt.com) has a nice environment doing just

> Not sure any more I'm interested in learning this, to put up with
> reflexive schite.  There's enough crap in the world.

It's a rough crowd around here, but you'll get used to it. Just don't
incorrectly attribute or create a message from an old thread and you'll
miss most of the truly shite posts. :)

Best regards,

--- Gavin

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