[Asterisk-Users] SIP + DTMF problem

hamish at archer.net.nz hamish at archer.net.nz
Tue Dec 30 03:13:09 MST 2003

I am having a
problem interacting
with a remote IVR
system when the
outbound call is
going via SIP. The
only way that I have
been able to get a
response from the
IVR is to set
dtmfmode=info in

Unfortunately that
doesn't quite fix
the problem because
it will still only
accept DTMF input
once the voice
response has
finished on the IVR.
If I try and press
anything while the
IVR is still talking
it doesn't recognise
any of the digits.

I get the same
result no matter
what handset I use
to originate the
call i.e IP  or POTS
handset. The SIP IVR
works fine if I
connect directly to
it using a SIP proxy
+ IP phone so I am
pretty sure the
problem is with the
way that  * is
handling the DTMF.

I found a post on
the mailing list
which suggested
removing DTMF
detection while the
far end is still
talking. If that has
been implemented
then that could
explain the problem.

Anyone got any



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