[Asterisk-Users] Routing calls from a T1 based on DNSI.

Shad Mortazavi Shad.Mortazavi at nexusmgmt.com
Tue Dec 30 03:04:40 MST 2003

Dear Group,

I'm in the final phases of switching over from my existing PBX to an
Asterisk based PBX. 

On my current PBX calls are routed on the existing PBX using a assigned DNSI
number, and I'm looking at replicating this functionality.

Does anyone have experience in routing calls from a T1 based on a DNSI

If so would you mind;

a) Confirming this functionality and b) giving me a sample of what this
would look like in the configuration file?

Warm Regards and Thanks

Shad Mortazavi
US Technical Manager
Nexus Management 
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