[Asterisk-Users] Testenvironment H.323 and SIP

Siggi Langauf langausd at swt.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Dec 29 07:38:55 MST 2003

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, H S wrote:

> I am living oin Germany and having two ISDN BRI Lines available. Capi
> driver!
> I need a Sip Gateway and a H 323 Gateway.
> About H.323, there should be a full implementation of H.450.

There is no such thing like a "full" implementation of H.450.
Innovaphone's servers do come quite close, but then again, there's no
phone that completely supports H.450.
You should specify an exact set of call features that you really need.

> Which software is available that gives me a Sip and a H.323 Gateway to enter
> my PSTN with a BRI (digital line)?

Asterisk sure can do that. But especially on H.323 many call features are
not (or not properly) supported, yet.
For SIP, it all depends on your terminal device: Some phones work fine
(mostly Cisco), whereas others can make trouble with transfers, 3PTY or
whatever call feature you can imagine...

> Is there anywhere I can find a board? (Forum)



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