[Asterisk-Users] Vocera Communication Badge

Philipp von Klitzing klitzing at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Sat Dec 27 13:58:32 MST 2003

Hi again!

> > yesterday I came across the "Vocera Communication Badge" and now I'd like
> > to know if anyone here has played with that thing (or even just seen it
> Looks interesting. I seem to remember something a while back regarding
> VoiceXML and the TellMe folks.  Maybe there is something that is open
> sourced regarding speach recognition on the server side.

Now I also found an interesting review comparing client solutions for 
VoIP throug WLAN (let's add a "wireless" keyword for the search engines):


This includes a secion on the Vocera. The concept as such surely deserves 
some aaahs and oooohs... :-)


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