[Asterisk-Users] X101P stopped working. Newbie seeks help

Scott Stingel scott at evtmedia.com
Thu Dec 25 13:42:22 MST 2003

This is probably not the problem, but if you have a slow machine (<500MHz),
you might try putting a couple seconds of "sleep" between each stage of the
startup (modprobe, ztcfg, asterisk etc) and see if it helps.   One of my
machines is slow, and I had the same problem with the demo kit.  Or, instead
of starting everything automatically at reboot, do each step manually (with
-vv on ztcfg) and see if you get any errors.

Good luck

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> Hi
> I received the Asterisk Dev Kit Lite on Saturday and got
> a small PBX working fairly quickly using the config files
> supplied with the kit.   This was on my desktop machine
> and the sound card stopped working.  I turned the system
> off and moved the sound card to another slot to give it
> a different IRQ.   On reboot, the modules zaptel, wcfxo,
> and wcusb all load OK and asterisk starts OK but there is
> no dialtone on the extension and the X101P never answers.
> The command "show channels" shows nothing.  I moved cards
> around, rebuilt, reloaded, rebooted... nothing worked.
> I bought a new system and did a fresh RH9 install.  Did a
> cvs checkout of zaptel, asterisk, zapata, and libpri.
> The problem persists on the new machine.
> The new box is on a separate spur on the firewall so I'll
> be glad to give root access to anyone willing to help.
> Any ideas on what to do next?
> Thanks
> Bob Smith
> bsmith at linuxtoys dot org
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