[Asterisk-Users] codes/grandstream/PRI.. few questions :)

Peter Brown peterabrown at froggy.com.au
Tue Dec 23 11:35:36 MST 2003


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At 01:06 24/12/03 +1100, you wrote:
>Hi Guys..
>Just wondering if someone could help me with a few questions please. were 
>currently using the ulaw codec with our grandstream/iconnect/asterisk 
>setup and its working pretty good except for the fact it downloads heaps. 
>Does anyone know a good site to get referances to how much each codec 
>downloads/quality etc etc ? Ive tried using that g723 codec but i have 
>have problems as soon as a i dial.
>my next question.. :) does anyone know howto fix the grandstream 484 
>errors you get sometimes when you dial ? i had a look at they rekon to put 
>early dial on.. which just makes things worse heh.
>They'd be a cool little phone except for this problem.
>Lastly were looking at getting a PRI or something to handle 30 lines.. I 
>know digium sells hardware to do this, has anyone in australia gotten good 
>results from doing this kind of setup ?? also what are the restrictions in 
>regards to caller id and that sort of stuff in aus? do is all work ?

Haven't tested GS yet so I can't help you yet.
There are a number using PRI here. We are awaiting final testing documents 
to be able to issue A Tick on TE410P-A. Have 'A tick' stickers ready to go 
to make official for Australia.
You get caller id if the number isn't silent or hasn't requested a block on 
sending the caller id.

>thanks heaps everyone :)
>Merry Christmas
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