[Asterisk-Users] OT: SIP vs. Skinny protocol

Peter Pauly ppp at freeshell.org
Tue Dec 23 10:51:41 MST 2003

I assume there are several people on this list that
have Cisco Call Manager implementations under their

We are beginning a call manager implementation and
the first question I asked Cisco was, should we use
SIP or Skinny. Cisco is pushing me towards Skinny, 
saying that I will lose some functionality with SIP.
They also say that most of their customers implement

I see two obvious benefits to using SIP: 

1. I can get cheaper phones that run SIP, altough
Cisco just came out with a 7902G for $130 US. 

2. It's an open protocol and is more likely to 
survive long-term. 

What functionality do I lose by going with Skinny?

Will Cisco eventually go with SIP only and I'll have
to convert anyway?

Any other pluses or minuses?

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