[Asterisk-Users] TDMoE

Sean Cheesman scheesman at gdsworks.com
Fri Dec 19 17:54:17 MST 2003

Hi all,

I am looking at setting up a TDMoE link between * boxes and am having a
rough time locating and documentation or configuration examples.  I have
gotten far enough to get the dynamic link up between boxes, but not sure
where to go from here.  I'm not even sure which modules need to be loaded.
I've loaded ztd-eth and ztdynamic, but saw something about ppp_generic so
I'm not sure if that's another one to include or not.  I've tried several
different config changes on the boxes to create the actual * PRI, but have
failed in miserable style!  When I run ztcfg with the dynamic span
configured as:


it complains:

ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 3: Invalid argument (22)
Did you forget that FXS interfaces are configured with FXO signalling
and that FXO interfaces use FXS signalling?

Any guidance on this, and the zapata.conf that finishes this, would be much
appreciated!  Thanks!


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