[Asterisk-Users] 911 settings.

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> I would like to know if anyone has come up with a script for 911 dialing
> rules that put correct information on our locations.  We have our office
> in 3 different building one being our production & shipping dock.  It is
> almost 2 blocks away.  We are connected with Ethernet Wireless between
> the buildings and have Sip phones setup in the other 2 locations. All
> the phones are working just fine.  But when they call 911 they get our
> main address and not the other address's.  So we need to be able to give
> the correct address to the 911 call!  This is just for our locations and
> not for reselling our Asterisk server!

The 911 office is most likely retreiving the address off of the line that is
placing the call. Do you have any voice lines in the other buildings?

I would consider a line siege device and FXO attached to a fax or security
system line in the other buildings. Route the dialed 911's out over the
local pots line and they will get the correct address. I don't know if you
can attach an address any other way.

You could try sending a different callerid, but if they are all billed as
being in the main building, that's probably the address they'll get.

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