[Asterisk-Users] G729 question

Kannaiyan Natesan nkans at lycos.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 18:34:40 MST 2003

Hi SW,

    The procedure is,

    1. Submit the old registration key
    2. Get the new License Key. ( Old + New )
    3. Then install with a single registration key.
      (You can try to ask for the procedure how to destroy your previous
license, that will make asterisk clean)

If you try to upgrade the existing license then it will blew of even the
existing licensel. You can contact Digium and submit your previous key and
get a new key which can give you the total licenses in a single key.


> Hi Clif,
> My experience with G.729 and asterisk is not good.
> My first registration was good, it worked. Then I bought more license and
> tried to upgrade it, it blew everything off. Still waiting Digium support
> give me a helping hand.
> If you use pass-through feature then I guess you are fine. I have SIP
> going to h.323 g/w and I need g.729. So now I have it in pass-through
> I think that requires less CPU overhead and I do not have to mess with
> licenses.
> Cheers
> SW

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