[Asterisk-Users] International calling forbidden?

Nicolas Gudino nicolas at house.com.ar
Thu Dec 18 10:49:55 MST 2003


On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 13:06, Michael Graves wrote:
> [outbound-analog-int'l]
> ; allowed to call interntional long distance numbers via PSTN
> ; dial 8 to signify overseas calling
> exten => _8011XXXXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(${PSTNOUTBOUND/${EXTEN},70)
> exten => _8011XXXXXXXXXXXX,2,Macro(fastbusy)
> The number I'm calling is 011 44 1223 721 000. What am I doing wrong?

The number you are calling (011 44 xxx) does not match the dialplan. You
have to remove the 8:

exten => _011XXXXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(${PSTNOUTBOUND/${EXTEN},70)
exten => _011XXXXXXXXXXXX,2,Macro(fastbusy)

If you want to 8 signify overseas, as the comentary line says, 
you should dial 8 before 011, and remove one digit from the extension,
in order to not send that 8 to the PSTN.

exten => _8011XXXXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(${PSTNOUTBOUND/${EXTEN:1},70)
exten => _8011XXXXXXXXXXXX,2,Macro(fastbusy)

All of this will work if you are including this context in
the proper place. Best regards,

Nicolas Gudino <nicolas at house.com.ar>
House Internet S.R.L.

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