[Asterisk-Users] Headless Linux system for Asterisk

Tony Kava asterisk at pottcounty.com
Thu Dec 18 15:33:58 MST 2003

> Because of space limitations and because of the location of the 
> punch-down blocks, my * server is located on the shelf in a 
> coat closet. 
>   Sadly, there is not enough space (or ventilation) for the 
> monitor and 
> keyboard.  This will all change when we move to new quarters, but...
> Does anyone have experience running Linux/Asterisk without a monitor? 
> What, if any, are the issues?

My home asterisk box is a headless machine.  I generally keep my Linux
machines headless.  You can use SSH to connect to your server and do
anything you would ever do from the console.  One catch is you will want to
verify that your computer is happy booting without a keyboard present.  Most
PCs can be set in the BIOS to ignore a missing keyboard, but some machines
will halt during boot waiting for you to press F1 to continue.  This is an
annoying problem especially if you must reboot the system from remote.

Tony Kava
Network Administrator
Pottawattamie County, Iowa

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