[Asterisk-Users] Headless Linux system for Asterisk

andrewg at felinemenace.org andrewg at felinemenace.org
Thu Dec 18 15:15:11 MST 2003

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 03:02:42PM -0700, Michael Welter wrote:
> Because of space limitations and because of the location of the 
> punch-down blocks, my * server is located on the shelf in a coat closet. 
>  Sadly, there is not enough space (or ventilation) for the monitor and 
> keyboard.  This will all change when we move to new quarters, but...
> Does anyone have experience running Linux/Asterisk without a monitor? 
> What, if any, are the issues?

The main issue is that you need to think before you type something; lest
you do something that requires you to plug a monitor in. Some things can
include, rebuilding your kernel, changing network settings, playing with
firewall rules, stopping/starting sshd's, etc.

A good line of advice would be to get it working with a console attached,
and use it remotely and ssh to it. Oh. and your bios settings might
need to be changed so it will boot without a keyboard present.

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