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Let me give a better example.

A caller calls in and a user picks up the phone.  Then the user needs to
put the caller on hold so he can go check on something.  He would like
to press the hold button on the phone and hang the receiver up.  He can
do this, but the caller never hears MOH.  The user does what he needs to
do and comes back and picks up the receiver and press hold to release
the caller from hold.

I would like this functionality - but for the caller to hear MOH.  You
mentioned I could do some redirects via the manager interface to get the
call back if I just put in out in an extension playing MOH.


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> I need to come up with a solution that the user can place the caller 
> on hold, the caller here MOH and the user hang the receiver up.  Just 
> as if they hit, the hold button on the phone.  This can be done, using

> ADSI if need be.

What you are trying to do doesn't seem to make much sense. First of all 
it sounds like you *really* want to do call parking. Secondly, if you 
hang up, then what are you going to do with the caller? Why not right 
away hang up on the caller - or do you want to collect phone fees from 
him while having him listen to MOH indefinitely? :->

Here's one way to do it: Create an extension that looks like

exten => 333,1,Answer
exten => 333,2,MusicOnHold(default)

and then use # to transfer the caller to that extension. Unless you use 
the manager interface (redirect) or some smart scripting/ dialplan
you won't be able to get back to that caller though. But you didn't say 
that you need to do that. ;->

Cheers, Philipp

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