[Asterisk-Users] IAX quesitons please.

Dan dtoma at fx.ro
Thu Dec 18 02:29:47 MST 2003


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>Subject: [Asterisk-Users] IAX quesitons please.

>     I encoutered some difficult with IAX when I run the asterisk.
><---->internet <--> asterisk + NAT <--> DIAX

>my * box and NAT are at the same linux box which connecting to the internet
>using ADSL. The box has two network cards and two IP address,such as >

>public IP:
>private IP:

>the windows box running DIAX lies behind the NAT,it's IP is

>I use the DIAX register to the *, if I set the server IP in the DIAX to
>,then it will OK, but if I set the server IP in the DIAX to
>, then I will fail to register. I have tried all version of
>and alway got the same result. Why?

This is something normal. When you are inside your network use your internal
server IP address.
Usually the NAT router does not permit to connect to the external
IP address from inside.

>If I dial the IAX2 user registed to my * inside my NAT,it will success,but
>if I dial other IAX2 user registed to my * in the internet (not inside
>my NAT),I alway get the result:
>== Everyone is busy at this time

Take care that there is an issue with DIAX and IAX2... after some time
(aprox.1min.) the other part does not ring anymore. I work on this now.
Have you registered the external DIAX with the external IP address of the


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