[Asterisk-Users] Share a line with a modem?

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Wed Dec 17 21:40:47 MST 2003

I've been on a search to find out whether it is possible to somehow rig 
up a modem onto a line that also has an X100P on it, and (the rub) allow 
the line to be used for both inbound calling *and* answering calls on 
the modem.

I would imagine it would have to be in the dialplan somehow, but I can't 
even imagine where to start with an "s" extension that would somehow 
determine that it was a modem and then pass it on to my computer.

I have googled the archives for this but come up dry.  I only ask 
because this appears as if it would be an abstraction of the fax 
detection idea, and I know that sort of thing is possible.



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