[Asterisk-Users] DIAX 0.9.6d with IAX2 debug support

Dan dtoma at fx.ro
Wed Dec 17 13:45:02 MST 2003

Hi all,

A new version of DIAX (0.9.6.d) can be downloaded from the following
Take care that the link is not available from the web page.

It has debug in a file support for IAX2 only.

In order to activate debugging functionality, right click on the first box
from the third row (in the right part of the display).
You will see "Debug" in the tooltip to find it easily..
A 'D' will be displayed then and the debugging information written in the
diax.log file.
When the debug log is empty, the background of the box is grayed. If the
debug file has some information then it becomes green.
The application always start without debugging support.
To clear the debug file right click on the same box using CTRL or SHIFT key
in the same time.
The box will be grayed out.
The log is written to the disk only when the application is closed.
Please try to help me find the cause of the disconnection problem, if you
have this issue by sending the log file only for that period.

I really need your feedback.
I don't want to implement new features till the application is not as
reliable as possible.

Thank you and best regards,

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