[Asterisk-Users] h323.conf new try

its Consultancy itsc99 at cantv.net
Wed Dec 17 08:40:47 MST 2003

Hi list,

After several tries to understand the subtil description in the 
h323.conf to be able to make the next scenario I was presented the 
following error messages by asterisk. Can somebody tell me please what I 
am doing wrong.

Scenario: Gatekeeper (h323) --> Asterisk PBX -->(h323) Gateway

Endpoints are connected to Gatekeeper. Call does come in like 
999931235650087 with codec g711 and need go out to gateway at address to terminate the traffic to PSTN. in exactly the same 
format. (9999 is just used as a prefix)

In my understanding I need to make a h323.conf that looks like this to 
be able to achieve this.
; The NuFone Network's
; Open H.323 driver configuration
port = 1720
bindaddr =

amaflags = default

allow=all        ; turns on all installed codecs


gatekeeper =

AllowGKRouted = yes

exten =>9999XXXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(h323/${Exten:1}@


So when I start asterisk with -vvvvvvgc the last part of the information 
looks like this

[chan_h323.so] => (The NuFone Network's Open H.323 Channel Driver)
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/h323.conf': Found
  == Creating H.323 Endpoint
  == Setting default context to gateway
WARNING[1074494336]: File chan_h323.c, Line 215 (build_alias): Keyword 
h323 does not make sense in type=h323
  == Adding alias "gw1" to endpoint
  == Adding Prefix "9999" to endpoint
  == Registered channel type 'H323' (The NuFone Network's Open H.323 
Channel Driver)
  == H.323 listener started
  == Using PARENTGK at dC8543051.dslam-03-16-4-02-01-01.urb.dsl.cantv.net 
as our Gatekeeper.
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/enum.conf': Found
Asterisk Ready.

So I checked the list and found some patch to update  chan_h323_c to 
version 1.11 for the error message but I do have the most recent CVS 
update that tells me the version is already on * Version Info: $Id: 
chan_h323.c,v 1.12 2003/12/10 23:34:47 jeremy Exp $

This is as far as I get. Is there anybody that can give me some hint 
where I am going wrong?  Probably some interpretation error at my site 
in how to configure an alias when the type=h323.  I also have the h.323 
debug trace but this is just presenting an immediate relase complete 
because it does not know how to handle the traffic due to my not so 
ingenious config file...

Box is on RH9 with 1.12.2 and 1.5.2. openh323 and pwlib. asterisk is 
taken december 14th from CVS. 


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