[Asterisk-Users] 128 kbs satelite link

duncan duncan at impede.net
Wed Dec 17 08:29:11 MST 2003

Senad Jordanovic said:
> Hi all,
> Anyone has experience  using * through
> 128 kbs (or bigger) satelite link?
> In particular I am interested to hear how many calls could be put
> through 128Kbs satelite link simultaneously?

i havent tried a satellite link with * yet, but i do have it running on a
128k wifi link.  due to the technology used for the wireless link
(turbocell) the smaller packets are grouped together into a "superpacket"
- this means the lower bandwidth codecs dont work very well.  i found that
using a higher quality codec actually gave better results.  so i use ulaw
all the time now - resulting in well, one concurrent call.

so this really has nothing to do with answering your question, but maybe
it might help someone else.


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