[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk and fwd

Arnold Ligtvoet asterisk at ligtvoet.org
Mon Dec 15 13:42:55 MST 2003

Shoval Tomer wrote :
>Hi, could anyone please provide a working sample of how to
>configure asterisk to connect to fwd?
>I've tried the one at www.loligo.com and it doesn't work.
>Not even when calling to  55555.

I presume you're looking at the asterisk console (ie. started asterisk with
option -vvvc) ?

>Can you advise on how to debug sip (or trace and view sip packets) from
>the asterisk server to fwd so we can try to understand what exactly is >not

If the regisstration went correctly you should see 'normal' call behaviour
in your client, the client calls the number and thinks the call is
connected. Also you can issue : 'sip show peers'. It should give you
something like :
*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username    Host                 Mask             Port     Status
sipphone/xxxxxx  5060     Unmonitored
xlite            (Unspecified)   (D)  0        UNKNOWN
fwd/username  5060     OK (155 ms)

>Please be advised that our asterisk server is behind a NAT firewall.

I'm guessing you have succesfully opened the portranges needed in your fw
config? If so you also need the sip->nat patch by Leif Madsen. There has
been a topic for the last two weeks (subject : [Asterisk-Users] Asterisk
behind NAT << How to do it.). Look at this thread, install the patch and you
should be fine.


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