[Asterisk-Users] transfer with threeway calling

Michiel Betel michiel at betel.nl
Mon Dec 15 08:57:17 MST 2003

Read the source luke....

Just found out the answer to my own question... press FLASH once more...

Now the big question is, which part of the source to comment out
to stop the 3 way conference... so you get a normal consult and flash 
will get back the caller. It's very confusing for my users.

Michiel Betel wrote:

> Hi,
> We are using threewaycalling & flash transfers over a CAC channelbank.
> The following happens:
> Call comes in to my extension
> I talk to a party and press flash
> party goes on hold, I get get dail tone
> I dial internal number
> internal party answers
> I press flash once more
> we are now in a three party conference
> Or I hang up, and thus transfer the call.
> Thats fine, but....
> What if the internal party is busy and answers with voicemail
> how then do I get my original call back to me? Pressing flash will
> conf in the voicemail prompts of the internal party. Hanging up will
> transfer the party to the voicemail...
> Or am I missing somthing essential here??
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