[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7960 lockups - any experiences?

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Sun Dec 14 21:33:17 MST 2003

I noticed that on earlier versions of the firmware I was able to crash these
phones with a flood ping (ping -f <phone-ip>). I send this notice to Cisco
but never followed up on it. How are you powering this phone, POE or wall


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Hello John,

I have a similar story with one of mine..

If i use a cell phone near it, it reboots :) The other ones are fine.. I
think it's a hardware problem, but it only reveals itself with the cell
phone radiation :>

Sunday, December 14, 2003, 10:59:14 PM, you wrote:

JT> This is almost certainly not an Asterisk-specific posting, but due
JT> to my inability to find a VoIP-focused Cisco list, I'll post here in
JT> the hopes of finding a more diverse user community.

JT> I am using a Cisco 7960 (version 6.0 SIP firmware) with Asterisk,
JT> and have been experiencing situations where the phone locks up.
JT> "Locks up" means that the bottom part of the screen ("Your current
JT> and the redial/newcall/cfwdall keys) disappears, and all keys on the
JT> keypad are non-functional except for the *-6-settings reboot keys.

JT> Previous software (4.4) exhibited the same symptoms.  I replaced the
JT> 7960 with a brand new 7960G, thinking it was bad hardware.  Same
JT> symptoms.  I replaced the power supply, thinking that perhaps could
JT> be the problem  Same symptoms.  I upgraded to 6.0.  Same symptoms.
JT> I replaced the ethernet cables.  Same symptoms.  I invoked an
JT> ancient curse-removal spell involving chicken bones and eye of newt
JT> over the phone.  Same symptoms.  A phone elsewhere in the same
JT> office (same switch, etc) works with no problems, but does not have
JT> a PC hooked to the 'PC' ethernet port.  In fact, the first 7960 I
JT> tried, with the swapped out power supply, works well elsewhere.

JT> I have used 79xx boxes in many circumstances, and all have performed
JT> admirably.  However, I rarely have configured them so that a PC is
JT> connected to the other side of the device.  The PC is running
JT> Windows XP, and sees mild SSH/email/web traffic.  I cannot say if
JT> there is a correlation between traffic volume and failure intervals;
JT> I have no data.

JT> The only thing that remains the same is the PC on one side, and the
JT> switch port on the other.  Previously, the PC attached to that
JT> switch port had worked without any problems for quite some time
JT> before I put the 7960 in place.  Even if the problem is the PC or
JT> the switchport, a failure or malfunction on one of those two
JT> components should not cause the phone to malfunction.  If it is a
JT> problem with the 7960 pushing traffic across the tiny built-in
JT> switch, then we have a real problem on our hands that Cisco had better
fix, pronto.

JT> I would appreciate reports of others as to similar issues or
JT> resolutions which they found effective.


Best regards,
 Nuno                            mailto:ncruz+asterisk at ist.utl.pt

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