[Asterisk-Users] FAX, IAX and *....Maybe I'm dreaming...:-)

James Sharp jsharp at psychoses.org
Sun Dec 14 21:00:47 MST 2003

> It's just my lowly opinion but I too must agree when it comes to the
> consumer/soho (1 to 3 line) markets.
> CAUTION!!, DANGER!! Marketing Hat On!!
> Vonage, the most "visible" marketer of a voip consumer product must also
> agree. Vontage offers an ip "fax line". using cisco's ata. Vontage must
> see
> some good reason for doing so. (I assume it's h.323). A&T, MCI and Time
> Warner will be competing directly against Vonage when they introduce their
> consumer voip products. I'd bet they too will be offering an ip fax line.
> Odds are you will be competing against them too. If I was vonage I'd be
> telling the world how important a ip fax line was :-)

Personally, I dont think that the world in general really cares about an
"ip fax" line.  All they want is a system that works all the time/every
time and doesn't require elaborate and convoluted setup.  They're not
ooohing and ahhhing about "oooh, this uses VoIP".  They just know that
they can stop spending $30/mo on an analog phone line and they get their
long distance either flat rate or for an absurdly low per minute rate.

Don't sell it as VoIP.  Sell it as a total replacement for the analog line.

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