[Asterisk-Users] FAX, IAX and *....Maybe I'm dreaming...:-)

John Breeden jbreeden at plumhall.com
Sun Dec 14 20:50:42 MST 2003

It's just my lowly opinion but I too must agree when it comes to the
consumer/soho (1 to 3 line) markets.

CAUTION!!, DANGER!! Marketing Hat On!!

Vonage, the most "visible" marketer of a voip consumer product must also
agree. Vontage offers an ip "fax line". using cisco's ata. Vontage must see
some good reason for doing so. (I assume it's h.323). A&T, MCI and Time
Warner will be competing directly against Vonage when they introduce their
consumer voip products. I'd bet they too will be offering an ip fax line.

Odds are you will be competing against them too. If I was vonage I'd be
telling the world how important a ip fax line was :-)

Second, the residential/soho market almost demands replacement of analog
with voip. It's almost impossible to justify the roi unless you do.

Marketing Hat Off

John Breeden

  I'm fairly new here and don't mean to be contentious. We all have
different perspectives as to what VOIP should be. My goal is to replace
analog lines, not supplement them. I'm talking residential installations. I
don't think I can ask these folks to leave their fax on an anolog line? I
think that if we start deciding things for the Customer, then VOIP will be
seen as an elitist toy for digitally inclined, instead of an acceptable
alternative for the masses.
  No offense to the anti-fax coalition.

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