[Asterisk-Users] Queue only ringing one agent at a time

Christian Hoffmeyer christian at yottadot.org
Fri Dec 12 16:22:26 MST 2003

 Tilghman> I would suggest not jumping on someone for an apparently
"useless" answer if
> you don't have all the information.  Which you never will.

Devon >Pissing on the gurus is also not a recommended course of action.

Yeah, you're both right.  As your replies to me should have been off list,
so should have mine to Brian West.  I don't deserve to have the lions swarm
around me for the territorial pissing that is ensuing, but that's what I get
for replying to Brian on list as well.

My apologies Brian.  Good to know your friends will bite someone's head off
for you, if that's the kind of thing you look for in a friend. :-)


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