[Asterisk-Users] Sipura SPA2000 & Asterisk & latest firmware (1.0.18)

Dorian Gray asterisk at tintar.com
Thu Dec 11 09:51:27 MST 2003

Juan J. Sierralta P. wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 20:19, Dorian Gray wrote:
>>working fine here as well. was not able to install manually since the 
>>sipura site had only a windows .exe last time I checked; however, it got 
>>upgraded to 1.0.18 when I signed up for the free month of voicepulse 
>>service and they provisioned it through tftp.
> 	Just curious. How do Voicepulse works with any xDSL providers ? AFAIK
> SPA-2000 does´nt have a PPPoE client. Are the modem making PPPoE ? In
> that case you need to make some PAT on the modem in order to forward SIP
> and RTP.
> 	Any comments ?

I don't know, I have cable rather than dsl. but attaching an iptables 
nat/firewall or using one of those little consumer nat devices, should 
allow it to work with pppoe.

since voicepulse (for obvious reasons) do not want to allow direct 
asterisk access to their monthly plans, I'm currently using x100p to 
dial out through the sipura device. a little inelegant (in addition to 
the extra d/a-a/d conversion, prerouting/dnat has to dump certain 
netblocks directly to the spa2000, to allow *'s own sip server to 
continue to work) but no problems in use or function so far.

also, currently only ulaw is supported on their consumer side (so I will 
most likely go back to using vp-connect! once this free month is over) 
-- some cable (or especially dsl connections) may actually not have 
enough uplink to run that codec; and even with a traffic-shaper doing 
its merry little magic, my uplink still gets hosed sometimes when using 
the phone while doing some other net-intensive stuffs.

I imagine vp are working to support gsm and/or ilbc in their monthly 
plans, but I've not yet heard back from customer service on this issue.


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