[Asterisk-Users] WAV file volume

Wade J. Weppler weppler at wwworks-inc.com
Wed Dec 10 15:30:14 MST 2003

We've had exactly the same problem at one of our customers.  They have
an Adtran TSU600, which is different than the TA750/850's we use
everywhere else.  I was assuming it was channelbank related, but after
finding that the volume on normal calls was fine, I guess it isn't.

Does anybody have a solution?


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We are using Voicemail 2 and use the e-mail with WAV file attachment

When we record a message from an internal extension, the WAV file sounds

fine. However, if a caller from outside leaves a message, the volume
on the WAV file is so low it is almost useless. When we access the
voicemail through an extension, however, the volume sounds fine.

Has anyone had this problem or any idea of a way to fix it?

- Glenn Lawler

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