[Asterisk-Users] Sipura SPA2000 & Asterisk & latest firmware (1.0.18)

TeleSIP ricvil at telesip.net
Wed Dec 10 15:48:44 MST 2003

We are in the process of doing testing with the SPA and our SER servers.  We
have not seen your problem and we are using 1.0.18.   We have seen a nasty
G.729 codec problem when interoping with the GS Phones.  I have consistently
reproduced the problem for Sipura and hopefully they will fix it.  Next week
we will start testing with * and let you know.

Are you sending those reboot messages in the SYSLOG server too?


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> All,
> If you currently own a Sipura SPA2000, avoid going to the sipura website
> and upgrading the firmware.  I upgraded my SPA2k a couple of days ago from
> 1.0.9 (what it came with) to 1.0.18 off the site, and I am having issues
> with my SPA rebooting itself every 3-10 minutes for no apparent reason.  I
> have been in touch with the *excellent* sipura support folks, and they are
> working with me to resolve the issue (they can't duplicate it!).  They
> sent me some debugging firmware and we're in the data gathering phase
> now.. Just figured I'd send everyone here a heads up that you might have
> problems with the latest firmware though.  (I shoulda followed the old
> of "if it aint broke, don't fix it!").
> Also, if anyone out there has an SPA2000 and has tried the latest firmware
> with *success*, I'd be interested in hearing from you, otherwise I'd
> recommend avoiding it for the time being ;)
> Thanks!
> Pat
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