[Asterisk-Users] Sipura SPA2000 & Asterisk & latest firmware (1.0.18)

Senad Jordanovic senad at boltblue.com
Wed Dec 10 15:42:10 MST 2003

Patrick Cantwell wrote:
> All,
> 	If you currently own a Sipura SPA2000, avoid going to the sipura
> website and upgrading the firmware.  I upgraded my SPA2k a couple of
> days ago from 1.0.9 (what it came with) to 1.0.18 off the site, and I
> am having issues with my SPA rebooting itself every 3-10 minutes for
> no apparent reason.  I have been in touch with the *excellent* sipura
> support folks, and they are working with me to resolve the issue
> (they can't duplicate it!).  They have sent me some debugging
> firmware and we're in the data gathering phase right now.. Just
> figured I'd send everyone here a heads up that you might have
> problems with the latest firmware though.  (I shoulda followed the
> old rule of "if it aint broke, don't fix it!"). Also, if anyone out
> there has an SPA2000 and has tried the latest firmware with
> *success*, I'd be interested in hearing from you, otherwise I'd
> recommend avoiding it for the time being ;)             
> Thanks!
> Pat
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Mine seems to be working just fine.

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