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Michael Welter mike at introspect.com
Tue Dec 9 12:50:03 MST 2003

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mike at introspect.com

Michael Rowley wrote:
> Hey,
> Here is a quesion for you.  I am still battling with the phone system 
> for my new buisiness.
> 6 incoming lines, 1 fax, DSL.  8 phones max, will provably start with 5 
> to save money.
> I was thinking of using Asterisk, but having difficulty finding 
> appropriate buisiness phones.  The Mitel 5055 is the best one I have 
> found, but the price seems to be about 400$ per phone.  $2K, plus a 500$ 
> server, then how to get the 6 B1(pots) lines into it.
> I had thought of using a channel bank, but what a pain in the ass that 
> is becoming.  For one, they are expensive, and I then have to buy the T1 
> card for the phone server.  I though, why not go with an FXO card.  I 
> wish there was an X400P card with 4 ports on it, but, que sera.  I can 
> get them for 100$ apiece, or $50 for the knock offs on ebay, but that 
> means 6 pci slots.  Not easy, I could use one of the pci extender boxes, 
> but now I am worried about conflicts.  Or dialogic analog 4 or 12 port 
> cards for about 1500 to 1800$.  :(  This is getting expensive.  Part of 
> the idea was to save some money.  The other part was to use open 
> software as much as possible, and support the FOSS community where ever 
> possible.
> Here comes the question, wait for it :)
> Has anyone had success with the dialogic 4 port cards, running 2 of them 
> in a server with * in a buisiness environment as stated above.
> I am begining to think that I may be better off just going with a 
> proprietary system and cough up the 6K and get it over with.   There are 
> a couple of solutions that will share the cat5 cable, that's something.
> Any ideas?  Suggestions?  Does anyone know of a solution provider out 
> there who will be able to set this up for me for the 6K the phone system 
> is going to cost me anyway?
> Michael Rowley MD
> FP
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