[Asterisk-Users] some success with linux 2.6 and wcfxo

Dorian Gray asterisk at tintar.com
Tue Dec 9 11:28:54 MST 2003

one thing I have been wanting to try is simply undefine CONFIG_DEVFS_FS 
and either create the device nodes manually (a la the Makefile) or in 
devfsd.conf; just haven't had time to do it yet...


Tristan 'Minty' Colgate wrote:
> Hi,
>   In the mail that got held up in moderation I did mention this, I've had one
> other user attempt to use my patches and he hit devfs problems too, I
> personally don't use devfs at all so I haven't hit these issues.
> On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 09:35:17PM -0500, Ray Russell Reese III wrote:
>>I've attempted to get zaptel to compile with no success.  zaptel.c won't
>>compile because of many references to devfs, which from my understanding
>>was stipped down to nothing in 2.6 in favor of udev. Following is a
>>snipit of some of the devfs errors:

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