[Asterisk-Users] "Phone Unprovisioned" Message in IP 7940 ?

tony banks tony_banks at rediffmail.com
Sun Dec 7 19:21:09 MST 2003

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Hello all,

I am newbie to Telephony world (IP and PSTN). Please excuse me if you find my questions very dumb.

I am trying to configure my IP 7940 with the Asterisk, when phone boots up it only shows the message "Phone Unprovisioned" on the LCD panel.

Under Settings-->SIP Configuration-->Line 1 Settings I noticed that 
Proxy Address is set the UNPROVISIONED, I am not sure why it is showing that though I did set proxy1_address: "`" in SIPDefault.conf, which is my Astersik server. 

Following SIP image is installed on the IP 7940.
Application Load ID    

My sip.conf has following lines added for the the Phone

callerid=JOSE <810>

In my SIP<mac>.conf file I have made following entries

# Line 1 appearance
line1_name: "810"
# Line 1 Registration Authentication
line1_authname: "810"
# Line 1 Registration Password
line1_password: "pass"

Do you see any problem here, Please let me know if I should give any more information.


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