[Asterisk-Users] FARFON lives!

Andrew Joakimsen andrew at envisionstudio.net
Sun Dec 7 13:28:39 MST 2003

Are you guys using power over Ethernet?

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> Subject: [Asterisk-Users] FARFON lives!
> Some of you have been following our progress on
> http://farfon.convergence.com.pk as we blundered our way through the
> development of a low-cost ethernet IP phone that does IAX and augments
> client options currently available for the kick-assterisk server.
> With help from the denizens of #asterisk and kind words of advice from
> Spencer and the rest of the gang ... we're proud to have accomplished
> final milestone #10 yesterday with successful network boot of the
> We've got 3 (mostly) functional, but not very pretty to look at
> now. Next step is to build 50 pre-production units which will be sent
> those wise and sundry.
> So, if you're interested in a (possibly slight late) Christmas
> stuffer for your favourite IAX-head read on.
> This invitation to express your interest in testing the preproduction
> is primarily meant for those who are:
> 	a) actively developing IAX and * and can give feedback
> 	b) thinking about deploying large * installations and need
> As a precursor to the order stage:
> 	a) you will be expected to sign an NDA and abide by it
> 	b) the price for the preproduciton units will be sub EUR100
> 	c) you will be expected to pay 50% in advance, and 50% on
> We expect to start manufacturing the 50 units this coming week, with
> units shipping end-Dec.
> Plase mail me OFFLIST for further instructions. I'll shortly be
putting up
> a "commercial" website which will have the PRODUCT BULLETIN, pictures
> the plastic enclosure and other information.
> Thanks for being there for us, we'll do our best to reciprocrate.
> Hail IAXY! Hail ZapBRI! Hail *!
> --
> Mirza Wasim Baig | Principal Consultant | Convergence, Islamabad
> #48, St 32, Sector F-6/1, Islamabad, Pakistan 44000 | US:
> VOX: +92(51)282-0628  |   FAX: +92(51)282-0621   |  GSM:
> This mail is confidential & intended solely for the use of the
> and part of the "world domination conspiracy".
> p.s.  no, its not a hairdryer, farfon is just a code name
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