[Asterisk-Users] FARFON lives!

wasim at convergence.com.pk wasim at convergence.com.pk
Sun Dec 7 00:31:54 MST 2003

Some of you have been following our progress on
http://farfon.convergence.com.pk as we blundered our way through the
development of a low-cost ethernet IP phone that does IAX and augments the
client options currently available for the kick-assterisk server.

With help from the denizens of #asterisk and kind words of advice from Mr.
Spencer and the rest of the gang ... we're proud to have accomplished our
final milestone #10 yesterday with successful network boot of the FARFON.

We've got 3 (mostly) functional, but not very pretty to look at prototypes
now. Next step is to build 50 pre-production units which will be sent to
those wise and sundry. 

So, if you're interested in a (possibly slight late) Christmas stocking
stuffer for your favourite IAX-head read on.

This invitation to express your interest in testing the preproduction unit
is primarily meant for those who are:

	a) actively developing IAX and * and can give feedback
	b) thinking about deploying large * installations and need phones

As a precursor to the order stage:

	a) you will be expected to sign an NDA and abide by it
	b) the price for the preproduciton units will be sub EUR100
	c) you will be expected to pay 50% in advance, and 50% on shipping

We expect to start manufacturing the 50 units this coming week, with first
units shipping end-Dec.

Plase mail me OFFLIST for further instructions. I'll shortly be putting up
a "commercial" website which will have the PRODUCT BULLETIN, pictures of
the plastic enclosure and other information.

Thanks for being there for us, we'll do our best to reciprocrate.
Hail IAXY! Hail ZapBRI! Hail *!

Mirza Wasim Baig | Principal Consultant | Convergence, Islamabad Pakistan
#48, St 32, Sector F-6/1, Islamabad, Pakistan 44000 | US: +1(800)460-1446
VOX: +92(51)282-0628  |   FAX: +92(51)282-0621   |  GSM: +92(300)850-8070

This mail is confidential & intended solely for the use of the addressee 
and part of the "world domination conspiracy".

p.s.  no, its not a hairdryer, farfon is just a code name

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