[Asterisk-Users] x100p/hangup detection issues?

Dan dtoma at fx.ro
Sat Dec 6 02:08:29 MST 2003


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> On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Jonathan Tew wrote:
> > We're testing with an X100P card.  When the caller on the POTS line
> > hangs up it never causes our IAX phones (DIAX in this case) to hang up.
> > Curious what you find out.
> a) try kewlstart if you're lucky enough to have it
> c) alternatively in the US try callprogress

For me it works (in Romania) with the same configuration (ks,
busydetect=yes, busycount=6)
Unfortunately, they are some old POTS lines here which does not provide busy
tone when the other part hangs  up (only sometime) and then the X100 card
can be disconnected just by unpluging and then pluging back the phone line.
Some other way to prevent this?


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