[Asterisk-Users] Voice Pulse Account Management Down?

Patrick Cantwell pat at manhattan.insomnia.org
Fri Dec 5 18:29:45 MST 2003

Are you logging in on the right page?

Voicepulse offers both 'individual' accounts and IAX accounts.  If you
signed up for an IAX account you have to login at
http://connect.voicepulse.com (or scroll down to the very bottom of the
page at www.voicepulse.com and look for the text "Are you a VoIP service
provider?" and follow the link below that).  If you have an 'individual'
account, you should log into www.voicepulse.com.

just my .02 ;)


On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Jonathan Tew wrote:

> This is a little off topic, but this is one of the greatest
> concentrations of potential VoicePulse customers I know of.  We signed
> up with an account last night just to do some testing.  We tested the
> outbound functionality of calling through VoicePulse from * and it
> worked just fine.  We then wanted to go back in to our account and
> configure our phone number so that we could test inbound calls.  We
> couldn't log back in!  Maybe we forgot our username and password or
> something.  We've emailed their support about it (and several other
> tickets) and no one is responding to us.  That was bad enough, but we
> had a friend signup for another VoicePulse account.  They were 100% sure
> their username and password were correct.  Once again we couldn't log
> back in to the account management after the initial session.  Is anyone
> else having these kind of problems with VoicePulse?
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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