[Asterisk-Users] Port density: DS3 cards?

James H. Thompson jht at lj.net
Fri Dec 5 12:17:02 MST 2003

There are a number of vendors for DS3 cards -- The issue when I last looked at these cards (> 1yr
ago) was that many of them were not fully channelized -- i.e. the cards did not support breaking the
data stream into indiv 64Kbps DS0s.  At the time I was talking with the vendors, all of them were
talking about forthcoming DS3 cards what would be able to do this.  So you might be able to find
some DS3 cards that support this now.


James H. Thompson
jht at lava.net

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> > >
> > >I talked to Imagestream this morning about the possibilites.  Their lead
> > >engineer said that there would be no way to do voice over their
> > DS-3 cards
> > >using software processing because it would take too much
> > processing power.
> > >It would be possible to do some custom design for their boards that
> > >incorpotates hardware processing, but he doesn't know of
> > anything currently
> > >available.  So unless there's something I/he missed, I guess the
> > answer is
> > >no on the DS-3.
> > >
> > >Andy
> >
> > I have no reason to disbelieve this report, but I will offer some
> > minor scepticism at this reply.  A well-equipped PC can currently
> > handle 8 T1 channels, and it seems that only the IRQ issue is causing
> > more channels to not be viable in the current TE410P environment.  It
> > would seem reasonable to think that a very well equipped PC (4-way,
> > 8-way?) would be able to handle the "processing power" requirements
> > of a DS3, whatever was meant by that statement.  Of course, there may
> > be other underlying issues specific to ImageStream that make this
> > impossible; I don't know.
> >
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> The guy did leave open the possibility that he could be wrong, and said that
> he'd be glad to answer any further questions or if we had some other way of
> doing it.  If you or some of the others think that this should be possible
> then perhaps we could get together a list of more specific questions to ask.
> Thoughts?
> Andy
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