[Asterisk-Users] voip-info.org is a great Resource ..BUT

Jonathan Tew jonathan at ultracart.com
Thu Dec 4 23:11:55 MST 2003

Being farely new to the Asterisk scene and searching for 
documentation.... I was wondering why the asterisk.org site didn't run a 
wiki.  There isn't anything as good as a wiki for collecting 
collaborative documentation.  Over time someone might want to convert 
the knowledge contained in the wiki to more updated formal 
documentation, but a wiki sure would be a great thing to have.

TC wrote:

>Finally there is a place for us to contribute doc & info about * ....
>BUT it is realy beginning to feel the heat of its popularity
>its takes me forever to edit pages on the site ....
>On IRC there are a number of service providers willing to donate 
>CPU cycles & Bandwidth to support this resource ...
>Does any one know who owns the site, and how we can help him move
>to one of the generous * ISP willing to provide a faster home for it ?
>It would also be nice for to resolve to asterisk-wiki.org :)
>ps. if the owner wants to email off list i can provide contact info
>for the generious donors ...
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