[Asterisk-Users] Channelbank Recomendation and GS102 question

Eric Wieling eric at fnords.org
Thu Dec 4 21:56:08 MST 2003

i-55.net which is a regional ISP for Louisiana, Mississippi and maybe 
one or two other nearby states provide us with a PRI (6 channels) and 
384K internet service over a single T-1 line.  They provide the service 
as a PRI and Ethernet Internet out of their Adtran channel bank.  We 
asked for the service to be provided this way, I'm sure they could have 
terminated both into our T100P if we had asked.  They are a small enough 
company that they actually care about their customers, but large enough 
to be an ISP and CLEC (their CLEC stuff is fairly recent) and provide 
good service.

We've had the service for a week or two.  This is a new office for us 
and it's not staffed yet.  There have been some annoying installation 
and configuration issues, but they worked with us to resolve them 
quickly.  The setup was not perfect, but if we had been using BellSouth 
of one of the "big guys" we would not have had any of those issues 
resolved by now.

When we added two additional channels for our PRI a couple of days after 
it was turned up someone didn't map the channels in the local Adtran 
unit and so those channels did not work.  Took 24 hours to resolve. 
Since the office is not staffed we did NOT push for a fast fix.  They 
took about 24 hours from the time we placed the order for additional 
channels until they turned them up, then an additional 24 hrs to fix the 
maping problem.  When I've dealt with RBOCS they spent at least two days 
just blaiming our equipment before they even tried to fix the problem, 
and that was with us ecsalating the issue with them.

I've been very happy with i-55.net.  Granted, they REALLY want to 
contract for our other current offices so they are treating us well, but 
I don't thing that is the major reason for our good support and service. 
  They were priced less that most of the other companies I've worked with.

John Todd wrote:
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>>>  We have an installation with 9 inbound voice channels (one is the 
>>> fax) and 768K data.  It is a Hybrid PRI.  It terminates into a
>> T100P.  It is working great!  The >cost was better than the POTS plus 
>> data.
>> Can I ask what Telephone/Internet service provider you are getting 
>> this from?
>> Does anybody else have a setup like this?
> Very interesting.  I've had now two fights with providers (Verizon and 
> SBC) who would not offer such a service, claiming that it was 
> "impossible" to hybridize a PRI.  I think that's a great offering, and 
> of course, it is possible, and especially appealing for Asterisk users.
> I, too, would be interested in hearing from what vendor you are getting 
> such a service.
> JT
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