[Asterisk-Users] Channelbank Recomendation and GS102 question

Walker Haddock whaddock at datacrest.com
Thu Dec 4 17:54:02 MST 2003

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 06:26:49PM -0600, Paul Oster wrote:
> Hi All.
> I'm working on an * configuration.  We require 8 inbound POTS lines, and 
> CT1 or PRI seems like it will be

We have an installation with 9 inbound voice channels (one is the fax) and 768K data.  It is a Hybrid PRI.  It terminates into a T100P.  It is working great!  The cost was better than the POTS plus data.

> quite expensive at that level.  I've read that a T1 Channelbank plus 
> the  T100P would be a (the?) way to go
> for this situation.  What is the recommended channelbank for use in this 
> scenario?  From searching the archives
> I see a lot of suggestions to get "a channelbank" from ebay.  I would 
> prefer to be able to use new products
> so I can easily duplicate the setup for other branch offices in my company.
We're not using a channel bank.  I have one port on a TDM card for the fax machine.

> My second question relatees to the Grandstream phones.  When they are a 
> member of a queue group, I get a loud
> annoying ring in the handset when its in use and another call comes in 
> on the queue.
> Is there a way to enforce 1 call per phone in sip.conf?  Either that or 
> a way to tell the GS102 to return busy when
> * trys to send them a call.

You need to use the latest CVS, it includes the work done by Paul Lieu.  It works great.  You just configure your sip.conf according to the notes in the bug report:


It solved my GS BT102 call waiting ring in ear problem!

> Thanks in advance.
> Paul M. Oster
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