[Asterisk-Users] Channelbank Recomendation and GS102 question

Paul Oster devious at minot.com
Thu Dec 4 17:26:49 MST 2003

Hi All.

I'm working on an * configuration.  We require 8 inbound POTS lines, and 
CT1 or PRI seems like it will be
quite expensive at that level.  I've read that a T1 Channelbank plus 
the  T100P would be a (the?) way to go
for this situation.  What is the recommended channelbank for use in this 
scenario?  From searching the archives
I see a lot of suggestions to get "a channelbank" from ebay.  I would 
prefer to be able to use new products
so I can easily duplicate the setup for other branch offices in my company.

My second question relatees to the Grandstream phones.  When they are a 
member of a queue group, I get a loud
annoying ring in the handset when its in use and another call comes in 
on the queue.

Is there a way to enforce 1 call per phone in sip.conf?  Either that or 
a way to tell the GS102 to return busy when
* trys to send them a call.

Thanks in advance.

Paul M. Oster

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