[Asterisk-Users] Carrier Access Channel Bank Setup -- No hangup

Jonathan Moore moorejon at usd465.com
Thu Dec 4 10:49:28 MST 2003

I just purchased a T100p from digium and a Carrier Access Access Bank 1 channel
bank (12fxs/12fxo). I have the setup partially working thanks to some help from
IRC. However I still have the following issues I can't seem to resolve

1. When calling into the system from the PSTN call hangup is not detected. *
leaves line in use until it is shutdown.

2. When calling an analog phone connected to channel bank the phone doesn't
ring. If you are in call and some else calls the extension you get the call
waiting tones and a flash works to flip to the new line.

loadzone = us


context = local
language = en
callwaiting = yes
threewaycalling = yes
transfer = yes
cancelforward = yes
callreturn = no
usecallerid = yes
hidecallerid = no
echocancel = yes
echocancelwhenbridged = yes
;immediate = no

group = 2

;use with FXO PCI card
signalling = fxo_ls
;channel => 13-24
channel => 1

context = local

group = 1
;use with FXS USB card
signalling = fxs_ls
;callerid = "John Doe" <(710) 555-6200>
channel => 13

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