[Asterisk-Users] John Brown from Chagres!

John Brown (CV) jmbrown at chagresventures.com
Wed Dec 3 19:44:01 MST 2003

Several  things conspired to muck things up the last 3-4 weeks.
1. Surgery (repair of a previous hernia)
2. Travel to work at opening our EU warehouse
3. TSA dropping my laptop, thus breaking my access to our VPN
4. New PRI going to a Asterisk box for our PBX and having the PRI be
   mucked up. Qwest dorking the number port.
5. 2 employees have a stressed life (they are 20 something
   and well, life is stressful for them) deciding not to really
   do the work they where suppose to.  ergo  cats away, mice play.
   We fired the kiddies.

My other biz partner will be spending more time at Chagres now that
he has sold his other company.  He will handle operations, I'll
handle sales and biz-dev.

Two new employees start on Monday that will handle orders and
customer calls.

Inventory enroute from Grandstream, which will resolve all backorders.
We will have stock of BT-101's BT-102's.  HT-286s stock levels will
be raised next week and we will have those as well.

Chagres is alive and going well.  We will have inventory
of all GS product next week, most Digium product (T100P on
2 week delay from Digium), and maybe SIPURA. 

Good news is that we now have a Euro warehouse and starting in early
January will ship Euro orders from Rotterdam.  This will save
our Euro customers much in shipping costs and transit time.

I want to thank everyone for putting up with the mad couple of
weeks, but things are shaped up and I think we can move forward.

If anyone needs me urgently, my direct line is 505 998 0567
If I don't answer please leave a short but *clear* voice mail.  
I do check this voice mailbox several times per day.

john brown

fwd: 50870
direct: +1 505 998 0567
office: +1 505 830 1200
fax   : +1 505 830 1201

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 06:22:27PM -0600, Brian West wrote:
> I just talked to him lastnight... He was out of the office for a week or
> so.  He got back and had to fire a few people for not doing their jobs..
> and that he is slowly but surely getting caught up.... and that QWest
> screwed up their number porting.  They moved their numbers from QWest to
> anohter provider and they aren't working... as of lastnight he was about
> to smack Qwest! :P
> Just an FYI
> bkw
> On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Aaron Martin wrote:
> > Sorry to everyone on the list, but for some reason this is the only reliable way to get hold of John.
> >
> > John Brown of Chagres Technologies, please contact me!  I have been trying for weeks now to get hold of you via email and phone after wire transfering money into your account for the Grandstream phones we ordered, but so far I have not had a single response, nor have the phones arrived!
> >
> > Please contact me ASAP!!!!
> >
> > Aaron Martin
> > Comtek Computing Solutions Ltd.
> >
> >
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