[Asterisk-Users] John Brown from Chagres!

Brian West brian at bkw.org
Tue Dec 2 17:22:27 MST 2003

I just talked to him lastnight... He was out of the office for a week or
so.  He got back and had to fire a few people for not doing their jobs..
and that he is slowly but surely getting caught up.... and that QWest
screwed up their number porting.  They moved their numbers from QWest to
anohter provider and they aren't working... as of lastnight he was about
to smack Qwest! :P

Just an FYI


On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Aaron Martin wrote:

> Sorry to everyone on the list, but for some reason this is the only reliable way to get hold of John.
> John Brown of Chagres Technologies, please contact me!  I have been trying for weeks now to get hold of you via email and phone after wire transfering money into your account for the Grandstream phones we ordered, but so far I have not had a single response, nor have the phones arrived!
> Please contact me ASAP!!!!
> Aaron Martin
> Comtek Computing Solutions Ltd.

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