[Asterisk-Users] Transfer via # on Grandstream not always working

Bob Knight bk at minusw.com
Wed Dec 3 10:58:12 MST 2003

Anton Yurchenko wrote:

> Hello,
> After a while the transfer on grandstream stops working, only the 
> reboot fixes the problem. It also seems that it may be  the phone I`m 
> trying to transfer _to_ also sometimes requires a reboot. After that 
> it starts working. I`m using RFC2833 signlaing between phones and *. 
> Does anybody see this happening also?
> Thanks
When I first started using GS phones with *, I tried RTP signaling and 
had a problem
with bouncy keys.  I switched to SIP signaling and all is well.

 From what I can remember looking at the sniff traces, it appeared to be 
an * bug,
not a GS bug.  But SIP works well......

Bob Knight
[-w] the work option
bk at minusw.com

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