[Asterisk-Users] Bug in MGCP using host=dynamic

Bertil Engelholm bertil.engelholm at i3micro.com
Wed Dec 3 05:06:38 MST 2003


there is a bug in chan_mgcp.c which shows up if you have more
than one MGCP gateway configured with host=dynamic.

The problem is in the routine find_subchannel when a MGCP
response is received. When the response is handled find_subchannel
is called with name = NULL and sin = address. This cause the
find_subchannel routine to alter the address of all gateways
up to the one the response is addressed to. This will cause
asterisk to send MGCP messages to the wrong address for the
altered gateways.

I have changed my call of find_subchannel so that the sin
parameter is also set to NULL. This works for me but I'm 
not shure this is the correct solution.


Bertil Engelholm <bertil.engelholm at i3micro.com>
i3 micro technology ab

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