[Asterisk-Users] PRI maintenance commands

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Mon Dec 1 18:38:21 MST 2003

Alex Zarubin wrote:

> With multiple inbound PRIs (and hunting across them) coming to multiple
> [asterisk] servers it is important to be able to do administration, i.e.
> control which PRIs in the same hunt group take (and which don't take)
> calls from telco at any given period of time.
> Our pre-asterisk platform uses SERVICE commands for this purpose to 
> put B-channels
> into 'out-of-service'/'maintenance' or 'in-service' state.
> What is (would be) the asterisk solution? The current libpri doesn't 
> send any
> SERVICE commands, just acks the incoming ones.

This sounds like something that should be in http://bugs.digium.com

Jeremy McNamara

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