[Asterisk-Users] SIP vs SCCP vs XML

Ray Burkholder ray at oneunified.net
Mon Aug 25 15:45:22 MST 2003

> No, this is not the case currently with any of the Cisco SIP software 
> loads that I am aware of.  If you find this to be incorrect, please 
> let the list know.  Cisco has not deployed much of the featureset in 
> their SCCP phones (such as paging/intercom) into the SIP phones due 
> to lack of standards/interest/political capital.
> JT

Ok, after further research in the 7960 administrators guide for SIP 5.1
(current is 5.3 and probably not changed much), they do state that
support is not provided for CiscoIPPhoneExecute in the current SIP load,
which is needed to make streaming channel 1 work.  Bummer.

So, in looking around at HotDispatch.com, I see a number of companies
charging outrageous dollars for their own SCCP versions of a softphone.

Also, a while back, for $1000, a person could join Cisco's developer
program and gain access to SCCP docs.  Perhaps an Asterisk group member
has the funds available to attempt joining?  Then we could finish up on
some of the aborted attempts at SCCP integration, if the license
agreement allows this sort of development.

Perhaps, through a little creativity, it might be possible to use a SCCP
796x phone and not worry about SCCP.  With XML, screens could be
programmed to send responses back to *.  Then * could drive streaming
channel 1 directly and simulate the phone call.  So, on a SCCP phone,
you don't use SCCP, nor SIP.  You use XML.  Would that work?  Hopefully
soft button presses don't interfere with the streaming media.

Oh, and if it does work, then you can use multicasting to intercom a
number of phones simultaneously.

The thing I miss on SIP phones that was available on the Callmanager
version of 796x, is the ability to go off hook, dial some numbers, and
callmanager automatically dials the call.  The SIP version requires you
to go off hook, dial the digits, then press dial.  Any way around this
for 4, 7, 10 or 11 digit dialling?

Ray Burkholder
519 570 0689 x2002

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