[Asterisk-Users] Can't compile cdr_mysql

Adam Goryachev mailinglists at websitemanagers.com.au
Thu Aug 14 07:21:55 MST 2003

> I am running Mandrake 9.1, and MySQL 3.23.57-1; and yes, I would 
> think that 
> /usr/src/usr/include/mysql is not the right place for errmsg.h.
> What can I do to get around this?
> I changed the cdr_mysql.c file:
> #include <mysql/errmsg.h>
> Changed to
> #include </usr/src/usr/include/mysql/errmsg.h>

You should instead update the appropriate Makefile to change:
or you could just do:
cp -a /usr/src/usr/include/mysql /usr/include/mysql


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